About Us :

Prof. Samit Sastri is very well known as one of the best astrologer in Kolkata. Prof. Samit Sastri Shastri is renowned Astrological Services Specialist, TANTRA JYOTISH GURU with over 25 years of experience.
He got his degree in Tradition Astro, Vastubidya , Numerology and Palmistry and also holds Gold Medals degree from Bengal,Assam & Delhi, It has always made him feel that people are in a strong need for a platform and guidance where someone can guide them through darkness and bring light in their lives. His divine Astrology services include Prediction of your Personality, Analysis and Prediction of the trend of your fortunes and the intensity of your experiences, Prediction of your future and major events in your life, detailed Predictions for the current year, Calculations and Charts based on your birth data, Match Making, your Gemstone Recommendation, Love and Marriage advice, Career and Finance advice, Vastu and all others.


Prof. Samit Sastri Offers:

Astrology is not only his profession, but passion. In spite of being so famous and busy he is loved and praised by every common man. He is humble, easily accessible kind man and he is the only astrologer who done astrology predictions and solves them with challenge and guarantee. He has out-of-box His analytical ability on horoscopes that he has earned during the many years of his extensive research and hands on experience while dealt with the millions of problems of the people from around the country and abort also.

Prof Samit Sastri is an expert astrologer who has extraordinary scientific gemstones remedies for the mankind as a whole irrespective of caste, creed or the geographical locations. He’s one of the most sought after astrologers in India who has mastered the art and the science of astrology, numerology, vaastu shastra, gemmology, graphology and many more.